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    The prices of precious metals are constantly fluctuating. As those prices go up and down, the prices of our products adjust accordingly. Since the market is always moving, product prices are subject to change at any time, even if they are already in your cart. Also keep in mind, you must first select your payment method in your shopping cart before the correct pricing is revealed. The default cart price is going to be the credit/debit card or PayPal price, which is the regular, non-discounted price.
    Because prices are not locked in until you click “Checkout Now,” the best way to be certain you have up-to-the-second pricing information is to refresh your cart. To do so, go to your shopping cart and either click the icon with the circular arrow at the top of your browser next to the address bar or hold down both the Control (Ctrl) and “R” keys at the same time. Once the page reloads, your cart will show the correct pricing as per the current market value.

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